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Installation Instructions for Citrix Receiver - Windows 10
Added on Tue, Aug 29, 2017
1. Download  and run the Windows Citrix Receiver client (available here)   The installer will display the progress of the install and inform you when the installation is complete.    2. Launch the Citrix Receiver from the Windows start menu  ... Read More
Installation Instructions for Citrix Workspace - Mac
Added on Mon, Jun 12, 2017
The Citrix Workspace allow users to run applications remotely.  The following instructions show how to install the Citrix Workspace client on a Mac computer. 1. Go to and download the Mac version of the... Read More
Saving Files with Citrix
Added on Thu, Aug 31, 2017
Working With Files Using Citrix Workspace: CCIT provides every user with 10 GBs of network storage, referred to as the U: drive or home directory.  Citrix automatically maps your U: drive, or gives you direct access to your U: drive from your... Read More
Submitting files to Canvas via CUapps
Added on Thu, Aug 31, 2017
Submitting a file in Canvas: To submit files to Canvas which have been created using CUapps, just launch the Canvas application in Citrix. When working in Citrix, users normally save work to their U: drive which is the default save location.  When... Read More