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Citrix Receiver - password1 password2 bug
Added on Thu, Feb 8, 2018
The Citrix Receiver may request password 1 and password 2.   Password 1 is the duo passcode Password 2 is your Clemson password Duo Passcode options (registered devices): 1. Type “push” to get a Duo Mobile app prompt (most Common)2. Type ... Read More
Overview: Citrix connection timeouts
Added on Wed, Feb 21, 2018
To optimize resource delivery CCIT has configured default connection timeouts for resources in Citrix. Session Type Description Idle Disconnect Disconnect Logoff Shutdown after logoff Shared Application Standard model for application delivery. ... Read More
Close CUApps Connections
Added on Thu, Sep 6, 2018
If you have an issue where your CUApps connection is frozen or not functioing properly, here are some steps to try. You can try restarting your computer You can disconnect from Citrix You can log off from Citrix Here are the steps to disconnect or... Read More
Citrix Workspace Reinstall - Windows
Added on Wed, Apr 8, 2020
Uninstall Uninstall Citrix Receiver or Citrix Workspace from Apps and Features Citrix Cleanup Run Citrix Cleanup program Citrix Receiver/Workspace Cleanup Utility Install Citrix Workspace Before reinstalling reboot Windows Install from latest... Read More