Overview: Citrix connection timeouts

To optimize resource delivery CCIT has configured default connection timeouts for resources in Citrix.

Session Type Description Idle Disconnect Disconnect Logoff Shutdown after logoff
Shared Application Standard model for application delivery.  You are using this if you launched just an application from CUApps. 2 hours 12 hours n/a
Shared Desktop A shared desktop where multiple users are logged into one Server OS. 2 hours 12 hours n/a
Non-Persistent Desktop Single desktop designed to simulate a lab experience. 2 hours 12 hours immediate
Private Desktop Personal desktop designed to simulate a personal PC experience. 4 hours 7 days 4 hours
Physical Lab Physical lab computers on campus used for covid-19 1 hour 1 hour n/a

Citrix Workspace App Logoff timeout: 60 minutes

Idle Disconnect Amount of time and uninterrupted user device connection to a workstation or application will be maintained if there is no input from the user.
Disconnected Logoff How long a disconnected workstation can remain before the session is logged off.
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