Software Available in CUApps

The Following programs are available in CUApps.  Some application visibility is restricted.


Abaqus CAE 2020 Restricted
Abaqus CAE 6_14 Restricted
Adams Car Restricted
Adams Chassis Restricted
Adams Co-simulation Restricted
Adams Driveline Restricted
Adams Flex Restricted
Adams Insight Restricted
Adams PostProcessor Restricted
Adams Solver Restricted
Adams View Restricted
Anaconda Navigator Anaconda3 All
Ansys Fluent 190 All
Ansys Fluent 2020 R1 All
Ansys Mechanical APDL 190 All
Ansys Mechanical APDL 2020 R1 All
ANSYS Viewer 190 All
ANSYS Viewer 2020 R1 All
Ansys Workbench 190 All
Ansys Workbench 2020 R1 All
ArcCatalog 1061 All
ArcGIS Pro All
ArcMap 1061 All
Arena Restricted
Arena Input Analyzer All
Arena Output Analyzer All
Arena Process Analyzer All
ArtiosCAD 18 Restricted
ArtiosCAD 20 Restricted
Aspen HYSYS V10 All
Aspen Plus V10 All
AutoCAD 2019 - English All
AutoCAD 2020 - English All
Autodesk Maya 2018 All
Automation Engine Pilot 20 Restricted
AVL Concerto Restricted
Project Azure Restricted
Visio Azure Restricted
BioEdit All
CarSim 2016 Restricted
CATIA V5-6R2018 Restricted
ChemDraw 191 All
Cherwell Administrator Restricted
Cherwell Service Management Restricted
Civil 3D 2020 Imperial All
Civil 3D as AutoCAD 2020 All
Commspoint Stukent 2016 All
COMSOL Multiphysics 55 - Academic All
COMSOL Multiphysics 55 - Research Restricted
CrystalMaker All
DnaSP6 All
Engineering Equation Solver Restricted
ETABS 17 Restricted
GMS 104 64-bit All
GT Suite - COOL3D v2017 Restricted
GT Suite - GEM3D v2017 Restricted
GT Suite - GT-ISE v2017 Main Model Builder Restricted
GT Suite - GT-POST v2017 Restricted
GT Suite - VTDESIGN v2017 Restricted
HEC-HMS 46 All
Hyperworks - HyperMesh Restricted
Hyperworks - HyperView Restricted
Hyperworks - OptiStruct Restricted
Hyperworks - Radioss Restricted
IBM SPSS Statistics 25 Restricted
IBM SPSS Statistics 26 Restricted
IBM SPSS Statistics 27 All
Innovative Millennium Restricted
JMP Pro 14 All
JMP Pro 15 All
LabVIEW 2019 64-bit All
Launch Loop-Pro All
Logger Pro 315 All
Maple 2018 All
Maple 2019 All
Maple 2020 All
MapleSim 2019 Restricted
MapleSim 2020 Restricted
Mathcad 15 All
Mathcad Prime 20 All
MathType All
MATLAB R2019a All
MATLAB R2019b All
MATLAB R2020a All
Maya 2020 All
Access All
Excel All
Outlook Restricted
PowerPoint All
Project Restricted
Publisher All
Visio Restricted
Word All
Minitab 19 All
modeFRONTIER 2017R1 Restricted
Moldex3D R17 Restricted
Moldex3D R17 Computing Manager Restricted
Moldex3D R17 Designer Restricted
Moldex3D R17 Studio Restricted
Notepad Restricted
NX 120 All
NX 1876 Restricted
NX 1930 Restricted
NX Viewer 1930 Restricted
OCLC Connexion Client 263 Restricted
On-Screen Takeoff 3 All
openLCA Restricted
P6 Professional 18 x64 Restricted
Phreeqc Interactive 362-15100 All
PLAXIS 2D CE V20 Update 3 Input Restricted
PLAXIS 2D CE V20 Update 3 Output Restricted
Point and Click Client All
Power BI Desktop All
Prescan GUI 2020 Restricted
Prescan Viewer 2020 Restricted
Process Simulate Standalone – eMServer compatible Restricted
R x64 352 All
R x64 363 All
R x64 401 All
RapidMiner Studio All
Respondus 40 Campus-Wide Restricted
Respondus Equation Editor Restricted
Revit 2020 All
RocScience - CPillar Restricted
RocScience - Dips Restricted
RocScience - EX3 Restricted
RocScience - Examine2D Restricted
RocScience - RocData Restricted
RocScience - RocFall Restricted
RocScience - RocPlane Restricted
RocScience - RocProp Restricted
RocScience - RocProp 20 Restricted
RocScience - RocTopple Restricted
RocScience - RS2 Restricted
RocScience - RS3 Restricted
RocScience - RSPile Restricted
RocScience - Settle3 Restricted
RocScience - Slide2 Restricted
RocScience - Slide3 Restricted
RocScience - Swedge Restricted
RocScience - Unwedge Restricted
RStudio All
SAP2000 20 Restricted
SAS 94 English All
Scientific Notebook All
Active Directory Administrative Center All
Box Drive All
Citrix Studio All
Client Center for Configuration Manager All
Configuration Manager Console All
Group Policy Management All
Hyper-V Manager All
OneDrive All
Powershell All
Representative Console All
Royal TS V5 All
Visual Studio Code All
Access All
Data Services Designer All
Excel All
Royal TS V5 All
SAP Crystal Reports 2013 All
SQL Developer All
SQL Plus All
Toad for Oracle 130 All
Genetec Config Tool Restricted
Genetec Security Desk Restricted
Microsoft Edge All
Outlook All
Active Directory Administrative Center All
Configuration Manager Console All
Simcenter Amesim Restricted
Simcenter Testlab Desktop Advanced Restricted
Simpack 20172 64bit Restricted
Simpack Post 20172 64bit Restricted
Slack Restricted
Spyder Anaconda3 All
StataSE 13 64-bit All
StataSE 16 64-bit Restricted
Tableau 20202 All
TableCurve2D 5 All
Tangix TesterPRO All
UiPath Studio Restricted
UltraVNC Viewer Restricted
VisualDOC 10 Restricted
Google Chrome - boeweb Restricted
Google Chrome - Canvas All
Google Chrome - Citrix Director All
Google Chrome - CUApps All
Google Chrome - Finesse Restricted
Google Chrome - iroar All
Google Chrome - Point and Click Web Restricted
Google Chrome - SecureVDI Restricted
Microsoft Edge - BOEWEB Restricted
Wolfram Player 12 All
ZBrush 202011 FL Restricted
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