Minitab Installation Instructions


Do not use Firefox.  Anyone can use the Open Web App link at the same address (see step 5).  Windows users can also install the app

Before proceeding, users must be pre-provisioned to use Minitab.  Faculty can send a list of student user names to requesting Minitab for those students. Or for students not included in one of those groups, they may individually send an email to ITHELP requesting the use of Minitab.  Once that is complete, they should follow these instructions.

  1. Open the URL (Users must be pre-provisioned to log in).


  1. Enter your Clemson email address as (do not use

Minitab Sign In screen

  1. Enter your Clemson username and password, and click on Login on the Clemson log-in page.

 Clemson Login page

  1. Find and select the My Products URL in the top right-hand corner by your name.

Red arrow to My Products

  1. Select Download Desktop App to download (Windows users only). Non-Windows users (Apple\Linux) can use the Open Web App.

 Download app screen

  1. Once download is complete, extract all files and open/run the minitab.xx.setup.x64.exe


  1. Select your language and Next.

 Minitab Language

  1. Check the box to agree to the terms in the license agreement, and select Next.

 Minitab License Agreement page

  1. Select Activate with a license and Next.

    Activate with a license page

  2. Select Sign In and click Next.

    Minitab Setup Page

  3. Leave the installation folder as default, and click Next.

    Minitab destination folder

  4. Select Install to being the Installation.

    Minitab Install page

  5. Once the installation is complete, click on Finish and you may close the installation window.

    Minitab Finish page

  6. Open Minitab Statistical Software and enter your Clemson user as your email address.

    Sign in to Minitab page

  7. Enter your Clemson username and password and then click Login.

Clemson Login page 

If you have more questions, email or call 864-656-3494.









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