Call Handler Administration




To access the IVR administration menu, dial 864-656-9900. This can be done from any phone, not just your VoIP phone. 

Once you connect, it will ask you for the following (please enter ‘#’ at the end of each):

  • Your ID. This will always be your full Clemson VoIP phone number, area code included.
  • Your PIN. This is the same as your voicemail PIN. You must go through the voicemail setup before you can log into the Call Handler menus.
  • The call handler. This the internal number of the Call Handler. You will receive this from the Telecom group once your IVR system has been created.


Once you are in your Call Handler menu, you should hear it play the current greeting. After that, you will get a menu to modify your greetings, and record new ones during the phone call. At any point, you can press * to return to the previous menu.

  1. “Turn on Alternate Greeting” (Option 6 will explain this)
  2. Standard (This is the main message that plays by default)
  3. Busy (this will not apply for your IVR)
  4. Closed (Plays during closed hours, these hours can be set by contacting
  5. Internal (this will not apply for your IVR)
  6. Alternate (Can be turned off/on by pressing 1, and will replace the Standard greeting until turned off)
  7. Holiday (Plays during holiday hours, these hours can be set by contacting


While in these menus, you will have the following options:

  1. Listen to current greeting
  2. Record new greeting (save by pressing #)



There are many other features that your Call Handler has that can only be changed/activated by a UC technician. Some of these features include:

  • Allowing callers to leave a message after greeting
  • Caller inputs (“Press 1 for Sales, press 2…”)
  • Giving more users permission to edit greetings
  • Transferring callers to other Call Handlers


If you wish to change any of these features, or have any questions about your Call Handlers, please send an email to with your questions. Make sure to include your Call Handler number(s)!

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