Remote Access to a Clemson managed Windows computer from a Mac


If you need access to your Clemson managed Windows computer from off campus, here are instructions to do this on a Mac.

Click on the Apple logo in the top left corner of your screen and open the App Store.

From Apple logo, select App store

Search for Microsoft Remote Desktop and download the app.

Microsoft Remote Desktop

Enter your Apple ID and password .

Apple ID and password

Enter the two-factor verification code that is sent to your Apple device.

Two factor code 

Navigate to the Applications folder and open Microsoft Remote Desktop and proceed through the opening prompts. You may be asked if you want to share technical information with Microsoft to help them improve the product, asked to access your microphone and asked about accessing the camera on your computer. Answer based on your needs.

Select Microsoft Remote Desktop

Once Microsoft Remote Desktop is open, click on the application name in the top left corner and select Preferences.

Microsoft Remote Desktop


Select Preferences

Select Gateways.


Select Gateways

Enter for the Gateway name, Clemson University for the Friendly name, and Use PC User Account for the user account.  Click the Add button.

 Enter Gateway name and information

On Microsoft Remote Desktop screen, click Add PC.

 Click on Add PC

On the next Microsoft Remote Desktop screen, enter  your PC name as recorded from the PC you want to connect to - ending in . Select the Gateway Clemson University .

Remote Desktop General setting

Select Display and change any appropriate settings. For instance, if you’d prefer the remote session to be in a separate window rather than in full screen mode you can change those settings here.  

Click Add at the bottom of the screen.

Remote Access Display settings 


Double-click on the computer you wish to start a remote session.

 Double click on computer

When prompted, enter your Clemson University username in the format and your Clemson University password. Click Continue.

Clemson username and password 

Next you should receive a DUO push prompt to your previously configured DUO app (usually on a phone, tablet or watch). Allow the DUO push.

When the Certificate prompt appears, select Show Certificate.

Show Certificate
Select Always trust… and then click Continue.

 Always trust

Enter your Mac password when prompted and click Update Settings.

Mac password

The remote session to your Windows PC should begin.

For more information about Clemson remote work options, see


If you have any issues or questions, please contact the CCIT Support Center at 864-656-3494,



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