How to find a Dell serial number and warranty information

If your Dell computer is not working, look for a label that has the serial number.
On Dell computers, the Dell Service Tag is the serial number. On a desktop, the label is probably located on the back of the computer case, but can also be located on the top or side of the system. On laptops, it is usually on the bottom, but look at the rest of the outside of the computer if you cannot find it.  It can also be under a flip tab. It will contain information like this:

Dell Service Tag

If your Dell computer will not turn on you can go to the link below on another computer and fill in your service tag to find out about your warranty.


If your Dell computer is working, follow these steps.
Go to and click on Detect PC.  (Or if you are not using your computer, type in the Service Tag number and click on the magnifying glass.)

Enter or detect Service Code

Now you will see this.  You may click on View Warranty Details if you want more information.

Dell Warranty Information

To complete a Cherwell laptop support form, you may select as follows on this laptop:

Make: Dell Latitude
Model: 5480/5488
Serial Number: the entry beside Service Tag
Another way to find a computer serial number is to search for Command Prompt from your Windows search and then start the Command Prompt.
Type in wmic bios get serialnumber and press enter. Your serial number should be displayed.

If you have more questions, email or call 864-656-3494.

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