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How to set up Exchange email on an IOS device

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Follow these steps to use the native email client on an IOS device using your Clemson email account.  Note that this adds a Clemson Exchange account (not a gmail account). 

If you have issues, you may need to remove your Microsoft Exchange account before re-trying. Here is an article on that:


1. Tap on Settings, Mail.


2. Tap on Accounts.

Red arrow to Accounts

3. Tap on Add Account

Red arrow to Add Account

4.  Select Microsoft Exchange.

Red arrow to Microsoft Exchange

5. Type in your Clemson as the Email address and click Next

Red box around, red arrow to Next

6. Click on Sign In.

Red arrow to Sign In


7. Complete your Clemson and your Clemson password on this page. Then click Sign in.

Red arrow to Sign In

8. Make any changes then click Save

Red arrow to Save

9. Now your Clemson email will open.

Mail Inbox



If you need to delete an Exchange account on an IOS device, follow these steps:

Click on Settings, Mail, Accounts, Exchange.  At the bottom of the page click on Delete Account.


Then click on Delete from my iPhone.


Here is a Microsoft article about this topic: 

If you have more questions, email or call 864-656-3494.


How to set up Exchange email on an IOS device