How to: Outlook Office 365 Exchange Setup iPhone, iPad

CLEMSON Office 365 EMAIL MIGRATION Iphone, ipad instructions



 Tap SettingsMail, Contacts, Calendars > Accounts > Exchange


  1. Tap Delete Account Wait for account to be deleted 

  2. Tap Add Account 



       4. Choose Exchange


  1. Email: FULL Clemson username: .

                Password: type in your password.

                Description: autofill with “Exchange”. If it doesn’t, you can type it in

                     Tap Next


  1. Email: Auto filled Server: Type Domain: Leave blank Username: FULL Clemson username Password: Type your password

            Tap Done





Note:** If you see this screen,

      simply tap Continue. 


  1. Go to Home screen. 

  2. Tap Mail > Exchange

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