Logging in to Office 365 at Clemson University

The Office 365 home page gives you direct access to the Microsoft Office installation page, OneDrive, and Office Online.

To log in to Office 365, do the following:

  1. Go to office.com.
  2. Enter your Clemson University email address.
  3. After enter your Clemson University email address (username@clemson.edu) you can select enter or select “Sign in”. You do not enter your password on this screen.
  4. A dialog box will be displayed. You enter your Clemson username and Password. Press “OK”.

What happens if I already have a Microsoft account?

Microsoft offers consumer versions of Office Online and OneDrive as well as business versions.  If you already have an account for the consumer version of Office Online or OneDrive registered to your Clemson University email address, it is recommended that you do not use your Clemson University password for the consumer account. 

  • Clemson University Office 365 Account - portal.office.com
  • Consumer (Personal) OneDrive Account - onedrive.live.com (https://onedrive.live.com)
  • Consumer (Personal) Office 365 Account – office.com (http://office.com)

If you are prompted to select which account you want to log in with, do the following:

  • To access your Consumer (Personal) Office Online account, choose “Sign in with a Microsoft Office”.
  • To access your Clemson University Office 365 account, choose “Sign in with a work or school account”. You may see different dialog boxes or prompts.  For your Clemson Office 365 account always select “work or school account”. 

Unable to log in to your Office 365 Website Account

If you are unable to log in to your Office 365 website account, check that your password is working.  To check that your password is working is to log into your Clemson xmail account.  If you are able to log in to your xmail account, then you know that your password is working.  If you need further assistance, contact CCIT Helpdesk at (864) 656-3494 or email ithelp@clemson.edu.

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