HOW TO: OneDrive for Business – Managing Files in OneDrive

Files can be managed in MS OneDrive using several feature including downloading, sharing, storing, and more. 

  • Log in using your Clemson email ( as your username.
  • Your password is the same one you use for iRoar and Canvas.
  • On this page (see below) you should see the applications available to you. You may also click on the nine dots in the upper left hand corner (depending on your settings) to see all available apps.
  • Click the OneDrive icon.  


  • Move your mouse over the file or folder that you want to select.
  • Click the “check mark” to in the circle to the left of that file or folder. 

Note: The file or folder should be highlighted and have a check mark to the left side of it.

Options available now will appear above "Files" and beside "Search everything" as shown below. These options all apply to the selected file only. In items 1-9 below, we will describe how these options work.


1. Open: To open your file in MS Word Online or MS Word on your computer:

  • Select "Open".
  • Then choose your preference.



2. Share:

  • Click on the > beside "People in Clemson University with the link can edit".
  • Note the "Allow editing" option. Uncheck it if you don't want the people you share with to be able to edit the file.
  • Select the group you want to share with and click Apply.
  • Back in the first window, enter the email addresses of the people you want to share with.
  • Click Send.


 3. Copy Link:

The "Copy Link" option can be used to share a link to your file that you previously selected. 

Note: With this link you can give direct access to your file (Read-Only or Edit) or use the link to access it directly yourself (Read-Only or Edit).

To change the permissions for the link (just like in the Share option above)

  • Select "Copy link".  
  • Click on the > next to People in Clemson University with the link can edit.  You can select who the link will go to and click on unclick "Allow editing" and click Apply.
  • Next you can specify email addresses and click Send, sending the link to those people.  

4. Download:

With the download option, you can have the selected file downloaded to your computer. Note the original will stay in OneDrive, and a copy of it will be downloaded to your computer. 

  • To do this click Download. 

5. Delete:

To Delete a file:

  • Select Delete. 

Warning: Deleted items go to the Recyle bin. More about that in this article:

6. Copy to:

  • To copy a file over to a folder:
  • Click to select a file
  • It will ask where to copy to, select "Your One Drive"
  • Then you will get a choice of all of your folders and subfolders. Select the one you want and click "Copy Here".

7. Move to:

This works exactly the same as Copy to in #6 above. The difference is the file is in both the original location and the new location with Copy to.  With Move to, the file is removed from the old location and now is only in the new location.

8. Rename:

This options lets you change the name of your file.

9. Version History:

This option lets you see old versions and go back to an older version if necessary.  Note: old versions are only kept for 30 days.

New Folder or Document.

If you deselect any items (or have none selected), the menus are different.  From here you can select New or Upload to create or add a new document.

1. New:  Click New, then chose Folder, or the type of document you want to create.

2. Upload: Click on Upload, chose File or Folder, and search your computer for the file or folder to upload.


For more questions on MS OneDrive, email or call 864-656-3494.

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