Clemson Cloud Storage Solutions

Clemson students and employees have several different options for Cloud storage.  All of these solutions allow users to upload/download files and folders, share with other users (Clemson and non-Clemson), and have corresponding Apps that allow them to see their data on computers or mobile devices.  They all allow nearly unlimited storage.  Many users use all three - or select one or two based on their own personal preferences or because of the preferences of the people with whom they will be sharing data.  

  1. CLEMSON BOX.  This is a separate application for Cloud storage only available to anyone with a valid Clemson user name and password. It is accessible through  The first time you visit this URL, you will be asked for your Clemson user name and password and a Duo confirmation and it will create your account. Each subsequent time you visit, you will be taken to the interface and see your folders and files. Clemson Box interfaces with Microsoft 365 - so file editing is done by opening a Microsoft App in a browser tab. Graduating students or employees who are leaving should back up any data they need while their Clemson user account is still working.  

  2. GOOGLE DRIVE. This is a part of Clemson Google Apps for Education.  You can get to it by going to or by clicking on the Google Application Launcher and selecting Drive.  File editing is done in a corresponding Google App - Google Docs, Sheets, or Slides. The files can be saved in Microsoft or Google format.  It is recommended that students back up their Google Drive before they graduate. Employees will lose their Clemson Google accounts - so they should back up data while their accounts are still active.

  3. MICROSOFT ONEDRIVE. This is a part of Microsoft 365 that Clemson users have.  To get to it, go to and click on OneDrive. By default, editing is done in online Microsoft Apps.  Users planning to leave Clemson should back up their data stored here before leaving.

Note that there are other Cloud storage solutions - but these three are tied to a Clemson account.  Therefore a lot of Clemson users use them and it makes sharing convenient while you are at Clemson.

If you have more questions, email or call 864-656-3494.

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