Overview of OneDrive

Overview of OneDrive for Business

OneDrive for Business is a secure and reliable cloud storage solution for your file sharing and collaboration needs.  Sync files across your devices and access them anytime or anywhere both online and offline.  Sync client for Mac will be coming later.

OneDrive for Business Features

In your Clemson University OneDrive for Business account, you will have one terabyte (1000 GB) of storage available.  You will be able to store and sync up to a total of 20,000 items, including folders and files.  You can upload files that are up to 10 GB in size.

Already have a OneDrive account

Microsoft offers a consumer version of OneDrive and a business version of OneDrive.  The business version of OneDrive is a part of Office 365.  If you already have a OneDrive account registered with your Clemson University email address, this account is considered a consumer account and is for your personal files.  It is recommended that you do not use your Clemson password with this consumer account.

Appropriate Use Policy

You are expected to follow United States copyright laws and to abide by intellectual property rights when using OneDrive for Business as storage.

Clemson University Information Technology Acceptable Use Policy

Use of university computing resources, including network facilities, account numbers, data storage media, printers, plotters, microcomputer systems, and software for computing activities other than those authorized by the university is strictly prohibited. Unauthorized use of such resources is regarded as a criminal act in the nature of theft and violators are subject to suspension, expulsion, and civil and criminal prosecution.

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