Box Troubleshooting

1)  Box Sync is not working.

Box Sync is no longer recommended as a sync client for Clemson Box. Make sure you back up any files that failed to sync.  (You can check by going to and checking to see if the files are there.)  Then Go to Control Panel/Programs (Windows) or Finder/Applications (Mac) and uninstall Box Sync.  Then go to and click on the arrow beside your initial or picture in the circle in the upper right hand corner. Click on Apps and then search for Box Drive. Box Drive should be very quick - no files are downloaded. The difference is Box Drive maps a folder on your computer. Box Sync is being phased out so Box Drive is the recommended application.

2)  A folder that I had is missing.

One reason for this is someone else owned the folder and was collaborating with you. There are three reasons  you might no longer see the folder:

  • The owner deleted the folder
  • The owner removed you as a collaborator
  • The owner left Clemson (so all of his data is now gone)
  • If the owner left recently, turn in a ticket to ITHELP with the username of the owner and the name(s) of the folders.  The Helpdesk will need the permission of the supervisor of the owner to transfer ownership of any folders.  

Here are a few more possibilities: 

  • Were you the owner?  Check your Box Trash
  • Were you the co-owner?  Remember that co-owner is considered a collaborator - so if the owner leaves you will not have access to the files any more...

3) I used to be able to open my Box files in Word and save directly into Box and now it is not working.  (Or any Box app is not working.)

Try uninstalling all Box apps, restart your computer, and then reinstall the one(s) you need.

4) My co-worker owns some Box folders and is leaving or already left the university.

  • Best scenario:  have him transfer ownership of the folders before he leaves!  Have him first make you an Editor. Then he will have the ability to make you the Owner.  If he makes you Owner of a folder, his rights turn to Editor until his username stops working.
  • Next best scenario: if you notice the folders gone right after his username no longer works, ask the supervisor of the owner to message He should specify the owner's username, that he was supervisor and that owner is now gone. He should specify who the new owner of the folder(s) should be and the names of the folder(s).
  • Worst scenario: if you wait many months to request an ownership transfer, the files may be gone.  Be sure to do it as soon as possible!

5) How to avoid the issues of owners leaving and folders disappearing


If you have more questions, email or call 864-656-3494. 


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