Box Storage: Logging in from Mobile Apps

If you are on a mobile device, either from a browser or from a Box App, you should follow these instructions to log in to Clemson Box. Note that if you do not select "Single Sign On", it will be looking for a public Box account.

The first screen you see will look similar to this. Do not put your Email Address and Password in. Instead, click on "Use Single Sign On (SSO)"

Next you will see this. Now put in your Clemson in the Email Address box (do not put in the "g" if you use Gmail). Then click on Log In.

Now you'll get the Clemson log in screen. Put in your Clemson user name and password and click Login.

Now your Clemson Box account will open on your mobile device.


If you have more questions, email or call 864-656-3494.

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