Box Storage: Accessing Clemson Box account in Linux

Currently, there is no Clemson Box App for Linux. Here are some instructions for Accessing Clemson Box account in Linux via WebDAV using command-line mount and other tools.

There are two tricks to accessing a Clemson Box folder in Linux using WebDAV

  • It requires creating an "external password" in your Box profile. This circumvents Clemson's Shibboleth SSO and Duo two-factor authentication.
  • The format for the DAV URL when mounting in Nautilus file browser is davs://<userid> Note the 'davs' protocol for secure DAV and the '%40' encoding for '@' in the userid.

There are some other possible ways to get access to Box in Linux:

( Just FYI, the first of those pages apparently refers to SFTP when it should refer to FTPS.)

This is the link to a Citrix knowledge base article that worked for Fedora/Red Hat (and would work with any distribution). Ubuntu apparently has a package of add-on certificates that solves the problem.

 For Ubuntu (and some other possibly useful info:

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