Box Storage: My files are missing!

There are several reasons for files to be missing from your Clemson Box.

1) If you are not the owner (even if you are the co-owner or editor), the owner may have:

  • Left Clemson (retired, moved away, graduated...) and once his account is no longer active, any folders he owns will no longer be available to you
  • Removed you as a collaborator (contact them to restore your rights).

Important: Make sure anyone who will be leaving Clemson gives someone who will still be at Clemson the owner rights to folders that need to be retained. An owner can do that under the share options. Once he assigns a new owner editor rights, he can then change that person's rights to owner. The previous owner will become an editor.

2) If you are using Box Sync and viewing files from that folder on your desktop, it is possible that the sync has stopped working. So long as you continue to use the same computer, you will be able to see the files from your computer. But it's a good idea to log into a browser (at ( and make sure you can see the files there periodically to make sure the sync is working. If it stops working and you cannot get it started again, just go to your Programs, uninstall Box Sync, restart your computer, go back to the browser version of Box, and install Box Drive from the Box Apps. Box Sync is no longer supported and has been replaced by Box Drive.

3) Maybe you accidentally deleted them? Check your computer's trash folder and/or the Box trash folder. If you find them there, you can restore them.

4) If the files have been recently deleted because the owner left the university, ask the department chair of the owner to submit a ticket to specifying who the new owner should be.

If you have more questions, email or call 864-656-3494.

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