Using Box in Canvas


If an instructor would like to share data they have in their Clemson Box account with students using Canvas, here are some steps and instructions.

Note: Previously, an instructor could go to and select their course and click on Box. It would create a new Box folder owned by Box Provisioning Driver, with the instructor as the Editor, and the students as Previewers of the data. This process has changed. If you go to, courses no longer have the Box function available. So now the instructor will need to create a folder, share the folder, then embed in Canvas.

1) Log in to Clemson Box and create or find the folder you would like to share with your students. Open the parent folder to this folder and hover your mouse over the folder. Click on the Share button.

Box folder highlighted with red arrow to Share button

3) Click on circle beside Create shared link.

4) Click on Invited people only.

5) Select People with the link. Click X to close.

7) Hover your mouse over the folder.

8) Click on the ... in blue bar beside the folder.

9) Hover over More actions, click on Embed widget. Copy the Embed code. Click X to close.

10) Open Canvas and create or go to the Assignment, Discussion, or any element that has the HTML editor option.

11) Click on HTML Editor. It is the symbol </> in the lower right part of the screen. 

</> symbol under the text

12) Press Ctrl-V to paste the Embed code. Click scroll down and click Save. (If you need to return to rich text editor, click on </> again.)

Canvas HTML editor

13) When students come to this in canvas, they will need to drag a white cloud puzzle piece before they can see the file(s).

Security cloud puzzle piece

14) Now they can see the list of files in the folder and click on any of them to see it.

List of Box files

15) If the professor wants to share a file instead of a folder, it works the same except after dragging the puzzle piece, students will see the file (not a list of files).

Note: there are several other ways to do this. From in Canvas (once you have set up the Box folder and copied the link), you can also use Insert, Embed instead of the  HTML Editor.

If you have more questions, email or call 864-656-3494.




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