Canvas Group Discussions

Creating Group Discussions with Crosslisted Courses

To be in compliance with FERPA regulations, the instructor must create a Group Set with Group(s), and a discussion for each section.

Part I.  Create a Group Set and Groups

1. Log in to your Canvas course.

2. Click on People in the course menu.  

3.  On the People page, click on the +Group Set button.

4.  In the Create Group Set pop-up, enter the name for the Group Set, select options as needed, then Save.

5.  Create at least one group for each Group Set by clicking on +Group.

6.  In the Add Group box enter the name of the group, the limit of students that can be in the group, then Save.

7.  Create as many groups as needed but at least one for each Groups Set.

8.  Drag and drop students from the Unassigned Students list into their respective group set and groups.  


Part II.  Create the Group Discussion for each Group Set 

1.  Click on Discussions in the course menu.

2.  Click on the +Discussions button.

3.  Enter the Topic Title, Instructions, etc.  

4.  Select This is a Group Assignment.

5.  Select the Group Set that was created earlier.

6.  Set the Available From and Until dates/times.

7.  Click on either the Save & Publish button or the Save button.

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