Box Sharing with External Collaborators

If a Clemson user would like to share a Box folder with someone who does not have a Clemson user account, here are the steps to follow:

1) The non-Clemson user can go to and create a free public Box account. He should share the user name when he created the account with the Clemson users he would like to collaborate with.  If the non-Clemson is using a Clemson email address, it would be better to use some other the Clemson email address.

2) If the non-Clemson user would like to share a folder in his public Box account, he can select the Share button and enter the user name Clemson user ( as a collaborator. The data in this case would be owned by the non-Clemson user and be subject to the restrictions of the account (by default 15 GB).

3) If the Clemson user would like to share a folder in his Clemson Box account with a non-Clemson user, he can select the Share button and enter the user name of the non-Clemson user (email address) as a collaborator.  In this case the Clemson user has unlimited storage so there would be no limits on the data.

4) In either case, the collaborator should get a message in his Box notifying him of the request to collaborate.  

4) It is recommended that Clemson users not share sensitive data with external collaborators.

For any other questions on sharing Box data with external collaborators, email


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