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There are several slightly overlapping apps available for Box that allow you to see and edit your files. Note that none of these are required if you work from the browser, but all are nice add ons. We will provide a brief overview of the functions of each, and then below that we will provide some more information about each.

Box Drive

Box Drive gives you full access to all of your file on Box, streaming them directly to your desktop. You will see them under a folder named "Box".  You may not have offline access to your files.

Note: you may use Box Drive or Box Sync. Do not install both at the same time on the same computer.  Click here for a comparison between the two applications.

Box Sync for Windows or Mac

Box Sync is a desktop sync application that keeps all your files safe and secure in the cloud, while having them available on your computer desktop. WIth Box Sync, you can select which folders in your Box (from the browser)  you want to sync to your desktop.  Note that if the file you are syncing is large, it may take a while for it to be finished syncing depending on your internet connection speed since copies of the synced files are stored on your desktop.

Box Edit or Tools

Box Edit or Box Tools (two different names for same application) allows you to edit content on Box using native applications (Microsoft Office, photo editor, etc. ) installed on your computer. No syncing is required. When you click Open on a file from the browser, the desktop application opens. Then when you click save from the application, the file will save in Box.

Box for Office

Open and edit and save files in Box directly from MS Office without opening a browser. 


More details on Box Apps.... 

If you want to install one of these apps, go to and log in (you may need to complete Duo two factor authentication).  From Box, you will see your name in the upper right hand corner. Click on the arrow beside your name and then click on Apps. You will see a lot of apps you can install. At the top you will see "Search Applications".  You may type in the one you are looking for if it does not appear at the bottom.


Box Drive

Before installing Box Drive, make sure you don't have Box Sync already installed - and if you do - uninstall it and restart your computer before installing.  Once you have Box Drive installed, if you  open the files folder, you will see Box as an option you can open. You will see all of the folders you have in Clemson Box with a cloud icon beside each - which indicates the files are stored only on Box servers. You can see the files and folders though on your computer - and you can open files, save them, move new files there, delete files. If you are offline when working there, the changes will be synced when you are online again. If you are offline, you will not be able to open or preview files that are not already open.


Box Sync

After you install Box Sync, it will ask you to log in to Box again (even though it's open in the background). Be sure to use your as the user name, and click "Use Single Sign On" the first time. Then you will see the Clemson log in page where you will put your Clemson user name and password.  You may have to complete Duo. 

You may update folders to sync by selecting the folder, clicking on the ... and then hovering over More Actions, and clicking on Sync.  If one is synced that you want to stop syncing, you may do the same thing, but the choice will be Unsync.

Now if you look in your folders on your computer, you will see the Box Sync folder. If you select it, you will see your folders that have synced. You may add files to the folders, delete files, or open/edit/save files.  It may depend on your Internet connection speed as to how quickly they sync - but on campus for fairly small files it should be very quick.


Box Edit or Tools. 

Currently, this is listed as Box Edit if you look at the list of Box Apps. But it is also referred to as Box Tools in other places.

Before you install it, if you preview a file and click on Open, you will see this:

You can click "Install Box Tools" and it will install the app and then will work for any future files. Note that if you have a file type associated with a program, that program will open the file. For example, if you have MS Office installed, any MS Office file will open and allow you to edit and save in Box.  Or if you have a photo editor associated with a photo file, that editor will open when you open the file from in Box.

The other way to install this app is to go to the arrow beside your name, select Apps, search on "Box Edit".  In both cases, you will download a file named "BoxToolsInstaller.exe" and install the same app.

Note the other option in this screenshot is "Open this file in your browser". Since we have MS Office Online available at Clemson, this will give you the choice to open the file in a MS Office online app that is associated with the file type of the file. So in the example above, it would open a browser tab in MS PowerPoint Online - where you will have many of the features of the stand alone PowerPoint. If you edit the file from there, the file will be saved in your Box.


Box for Office

If you install this app from in Box, it will add a feature to your already installed MS Office 2010 or newer that allows you to save files directly into Box.  Or you may open files in Box in Office product and edit or save.  This works with Word, Excel, PowerPoint, or Outlook.

Once the app is installed, if you open Word, Excel, or PowerPoint and click on File Open or File Save, you will see a new location "Box" to use.  The first time you select it, you will need to Sign In.

When you select sign in, you will need to put your Clemson and select "single sign on" (skipping the password field). It will then give you a Clemson log in screen where you supply your Clemson user name and password. You may need to complete a Duo two factor authentication.  Then you will be able to select the Box folder you want to use.  You do not need to have Box Sync or Box Drive installed to use this.

Box for Office Online

Note: there is also a Box for Office Online. This gives you the ability to edit files in your Box from the browser using MS Office 365 Online for Word, Excel, or PowerPoint.  This works even if you do not have MS Office 2010 or newer installed on your computer.

In this example, an .xlsx file was clicked on and we are in preview mode. If you click on the arrow beside Open, the top choice takes you to Microsoft Office Online (in this case Excel - but works for Word and PowerPoint too).  

Once you select "Microsoft Excel Online" in this case, it opens a fresh browser tab and you see your file in the online version of Excel. It has most of the commonly used features of desktop Excel.

If you have other questions about Box Apps, feel free to email




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