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ERROR: Adobe Creative Cloud Apps Show as Trials/Demos

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If the problem occurs on

Clearing your browser’s cache and signing back into generally fixes the issue.

If the problem occurs within the Creative Cloud Desktop app:

The first step to try is to log out of the Creative Cloud Desktop app (in the app under Profile Icon (round icon in upper right hand corner) > Sign Out) and log back in.

If your apps still show in trial mode after this and you are on Windows:

  1. Navigate to C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc and open the file called "hosts" in Notepad or a similar plain text editor
  2. Remove (or add a # to the beginning of) any lines referencing and save the file. Note: You may have to open the text editor in Administrator mode to enable you to save back the file. Or if in Windows 10 you may need to save the file as a different name, and then rename the original file to something else, and rename the new file to hosts.
  3. Quit and restart the Creative Cloud Desktop app and confirm that your apps no longer appear in trial mode.

These hosts file entries can result in the improper redirection of activation attempts by the CC Desktop app and are also addressed in the Adobe Creative Cloud Cleaner Tool instructions here.


ERROR: Adobe Creative Cloud Apps Show as Trials/Demos