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ERROR: Adobe Creative Cloud Desktop App Doesn’t Show Apps Tab

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The serialized versions of the Adobe Creative Cloud installers (i.e. the versions intended largely for lab use that do not require a Creative Cloud login to activate) suppress the Apps tab from being visible in the CC Desktop app. After an uninstall of the serialized version of CC and a reinstall as a named-user, the Apps tab may continue to be missing. If that’s the case, follow the steps here under "Enable Apps panel retrospectively using the ServiceConfig.xml file" and restart the CC Desktop app.

If that doesn’t work, a full uninstall/reinstall has been demonstrated to work:

  1. Delete the same ServiceConfig.xml file above (this may ask for elevation on Windows)
  2. Uninstall Adobe Creative Cloud
  3. Run the Adobe Creative Cloud Cleaner Tool
  4. Restart
  5. Download and install the Adobe Creative Cloud Desktop app from

If the above steps don’t work, unfortunately, your only recourse will be to contact Adobe support directly.

Mac OS

The same file seems to be the root of the same issues on Mac OS. Uninstall the Creative Cloud Desktop app, delete the ServiceConfig.xml file here:

/Library/Application Support/Adobe/OOBE/Configs/

And reinstall the CC Desktop app to fix the issue.

ERROR: Adobe Creative Cloud Desktop App Doesn’t Show Apps Tab