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Ethernet (Wired) Connection Network Registration

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Connections to the campus wired network require that you register your device using the NetReg system. This system keeps record of each device and who registered it to ensure that there is a person that can be quickly contacted in the event that there are issues with this device on the network.

Registrations are extended and verified every time a user logs into the Clemson network. If a user is away from campus and does not log in to the Clemson network for one year, the registration will expire and the user will have to register again.

Users can add and delete their registrations via the web.


How to register your computer on the Clemson network:

NOTE: NetReg is only valid for computers located on campus. Users are not required to register their home computers.

1. Open a Web browser (Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox). You will automatically be sent to the registration page the first time a device opens a browser on campus.
2. Enter your Clemson username and password.
3. Add information about this registration (type of computer, location, etc.)
4. Read the acceptable use policy and click on Accept to complete the registration.
5. Reboot your computer.
6.You should now have access to the Clemson network.

Contact the Support Center at 864-656-3494 if you have any problems registering your computer.


Users can manage their registrations using the web site:

Users will be prompted for their Clemson username and password when connecting to this site.

Once logged in to the NetReg system you will see the options for managing your registrations. You can ADD and DELETE registrations assigned to your username.

To ADD a registration manually: (Manual registration is for machines that cannot open a web browser to register. Examples are some printers and gaming devices.)

1. Click Add Registration.
2. Enter the MAC address (hardware address) as described.
3. Click the I Accept button.

To DELETE a registration:

1. View the registrations associated with your username by clicking on My Registrations.
2. Click the Delete button next to the registration you wish to delete.

If you have more questions, email or call 864-656-3494.

Ethernet (Wired) Connection Network Registration