HOW TO: Connect to eduroam with Android OS

  1. Navigate to the Apps Drawer  and tap settings, or pull down the Notifications bar and press and hold the wifi symbol.

  2. Once in your Wifi settings, make sure it says ON. If it does not, tap the slider to turn ON the Wi-Fi.
  3. Then tap on the word Wi-Fi to open the networks.

  4. The Wi-Fi screen is displayed.
  5. Tap eduroam.
  6. Some versions of Android may require you to manually enter the EAP method and certificate options. If so: 
    1. For "EAP method" select "PEAP".
    2. For "Phase 2 authentication" select "MSCHAPV2".
    3. If you are using the Nougat (7) OS on your Android,  set "CA Certificate" to "Use system certificates" and "Domain" to "".
  7. In the Identity field, enter
  8. Tap and scroll down. Leave Anonymous Identity blank.

  9. Enter your Password.
  10. Then click Connect.
  11. You are now connected to eduroam. 
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