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Getting Started with Jabber on iPhones

Estimated Reading Time: 2 Minutes

Before installing Jabber, you need to email and request a Jabber profile for your phone type.  Include this information in your email:



Your 10 digit phone number

What kind of phone (iPhone or Android)


After you have your profile for your phone, proceed with these steps. 

Go to your phone's Apps store and search for Jabber.  When you find it, tap on Get.

 Cisco Jabber in App Store

You may be asked about Jabber accessing your contacts. Answer Don’t Allow or OK.

You may be asked if you want Jabber to send you notifications. Answer Don’t Allow or Allow.

You may be presented with the Cisco Jabber license agreement. Click on Accept.

You may now see some getting started screens. Swipe left three times.

You may now be asked if Jabber can access your microphone. Answer Don’t Allow or OK.

Now it is time to sign in. Enter your Clemson for and click Continue.

 Red arrows to and Continue

The username given on the previous screen will automatically fill in on the next screen. Click on Password to enter your Clemson password and click on Sign In.

Red arrow to Sign In 

You will be given instructions on notifications. Click OK.

 Red arrow to OK

Now you may be asked about Touch ID Authentication. Answer No or Yes.

Jabber will now open. Click DONE after reading the initial message. Note that clicking on the circle with your initials will show you your profile options.

 Red arrow to profile circle in upper left

You can select Contacts, Chats, Calls, or Meetings on the bottom of the screen.  If you select Calls, it will show recent calls. Or you can click Keypad at the top to get a keypad where you can put in a number to call.

 Red arrow to keypad option at top, red box around options at bottom

This is what the Keypad looks like. You can type in the number or tap the buttons. Then tap the green call button to make the call. Red arrow to green call button 

If you select contacts, note the + in the upper right-hand section of the screen where you can add new contacts.

Red arrow to +


If you are having trouble with Jabber, one option is to reset it. To do that, log out of the Jabber app. Then re-open the App and click on Reset Jabber.

Red arrow to Reset Jabber 


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If you have more questions, email or call 864-656-3494.

Getting Started with Jabber on iPhones