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HOW TO: Download files from the Echo Active Learning Platform
Added on Tue, May 30, 2017
To download recordings from the Echo 360 ALP Platform ( http://echo360.org )  With respect to downloading presentations, the item downloaded is the original file that was uploaded. This means that:  If the file has not been altered, you will get... Read More
HOW TO: Download your content from the Echo360 ESS Lecture Capture server
Added on Wed, Mar 16, 2016
1. Login to http://echo.clemson.edu using Clemson University credentials.  2. Navigate to the "Echoes" tab to find Available Echoes     3. Hover your mouse over the Echo you want to download.    4. Then click the Download button. 5. A... Read More
FAQs for Lecture Capture
Added on Thu, May 4, 2017
Please view our Lecture Capture Transition webpage for additional details regarding the transition.     Read More