Clemson Login Page: Common Error Messages

Our main Clemson login page is used to reach many different Clemson resources such as iRoar, Canvas, Box, etc.

From this page, you will login in with your Clemson username (not including and your Clemson password. 

If you have entered an incorrect username, you will see a message saying that the username you entered cannot be identified.
If you enter an incorrect password, you will see a message that the password you entered is incorrect. If you enter an incorrect password too many times, your account will be locked out.

If you get a message that your account has been locked out after too many unsuccessful login attempts, you can either wait 15 minutes and the lockout should automatically clear, or call (864)656-3494 to get your lockout cleared immediately. 

If you do not know your username, you should contact CCIT by calling (864)656-3494 and we can help look up the correct username for your account. 

If you do not know the password, or simply need to change your password, you can either click the forgot password or password help link. 

If you get through this page, and then immediately after, see a page that says "Access Denied: Username cannot authenticate with Duo", please see the following guide on how to resolve this:


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