HOW TO: Reset Password While Abroad

To reset your password while abroad, please complete the following steps:

We realize a phone call while abroad might be inconvenient or very expensive.

  1. Address a new email, or reply to
  2. Please answer the following questions to the best of your ability.  These details, along with your information already provided, will allow us to verify your identity.  Please provide as many of the answers as possible.

    • Clemson Username:
    • XID Number:
    • Full Name:
    • Date of Birth:
    • Home or Local Address on File:
    • Home or Cell Phone Number on File:
    • Major or Area of Study:

    Also, if you are/were a Clemson employee, provide this information as well. If not, you can skip this section:

    • Department Name:
    • Direct Supervisor's Full Name:
    • Job Title:

  3. Send your response.  If you answered the questions correctly, we will reset your student password so you can access your account.

Note:  If you would rather call because of the time urgency, you may do so.  Please check the CCIT website for the current hours (  Any of the consultant staff who answer the phone can verify your identity and reset your password for you.

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