Getting Started with Jabber on a Computer




Before installing Jabber, send an email to requesting a Jabber profile. Include this information:



Your 10 digit phone number

Device(s) you will use such as laptop, iPhone, or Android phone

Once your Jabber  profile is set up, you can see it by going to and clicking on Edit Phone Settings. From there, select My Phones and you will see your new phone profiles.



Download the installer and install.




Go to apps store and install Jabber app



The first time you open Jabber on your computer, you will see this screen. Enter your Clemson and click Continue.

 Red arrows to and Continue

If prompted, click Accept or Continue and complete the initial start up.

You should see a “New location detected” and you will need to select Add to my locations.

Now you will be asked about a new location. Click on the + Create new location name

Red arrow to + Create new location name

Fill in the boxes and click Create.

Red arrow to Create

If you get a box that says "Share this location if you want others to be able to view your location details",  click on it if you want to share.

After completing the setup, you may need to restart your computer and start the app again before it will connect.

When you open Jabber, you will see a screen similar to this. If you click on the circle with your initials to see your profile and settings.

 Red arrow to circle with your initials

To switch devices or forward calls, click on Call settings icon on the bottom of the screen.

 Red arrow to call settings icon

To make a phone call, click on the phone icon on the left side of the screen. Now you can search for a number, or select the keypad to type in a number.

 Red arrows to Phone icon, Search or call, and keypad icon


If you selected the keypad, you can type in a phone number and then click on the green call icon.

Red arrow to green call button


If you have issues with Jabber, one option that often helps is to reset it. To do that, log out of Jabber on your computer. Then open it (if it's not still open), click on Settings Gear, File, and Reset.

Red arrow to Settings, File, Reset


For more information on setting up an Android phone with Jabber, click here.

For more information on setting up an iPhone with Jabber, click here.

For more information on using Jabber, click here.


If you still have questions, email or call 864-656-3494.

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