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How to use the knowledgebase:

When sending a knowledgebase article to a customer, we want to send the ccit.clemson.edu link. To do this you need the article ID, which is listed under the title of every HDKB article (this article is 2297). Once you have the ID of the article you want to send to the customer, replace the ID in the URL bar of your browser with this ID number. Then you can send that link to the customer.

For example, when you navigate to the HDKB, the link in the URL bar is https://ccit.clemson.edu/support/kb/?id=2297. However, I want to send the customer instructions for enrolling in Duo. I search the knowledgebase and find out that the article ID for enrolling in Duo is 495. I then change the link to https://ccit.clemson.edu/support/kb/?id=495. This is the link that I send to the customer. There are some premade links below for convenience.


Popular HDKB Articles:

Duo - Enrollment: https://ccit.clemson.edu/support/kb/?id=495

Duo - Reactivation: https://ccit.clemson.edu/support/kb/?id=601

How to Fix Most Adobe Creative Cloud Issues: https://ccit.clemson.edu/support/kb/?id=1394

How to map a Clemson network drive: https://ccit.clemson.edu/support/kb/?id=526

How to register devices on Resmedianet: https://ccit.clemson.edu/support/kb/?id=138



If there are other commonly used HDKB articles you want added to this list, send Avery a message on Slack.

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