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OneDrive File Sharing Options

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Below is a description of each option in the Share settings. When sharing with people (students, faculty, or staff) at Clemson, the People in Clemson University audience is recommended, and Set Password is not recommended.

1. Audience Setting Options:

  • Anyone – With this setting, anyone who clicks the link can have access without sign in.
  • People in Clemson University  (Recommended) With this setting, anyone who can login with Clemson username and password can access the file.
  • People with existing access – With this setting, those who were invited to the OneDrive folder where the file lives and those previously invited to the file will be able to access the file. This setting is often used when a collaborator or viewer cannot remember how to access the file and you need to send them a link.
  • People you choose - With this setting, you can invite new people outside or inside Clemson University to access your file.

2. Other Setting Options: (When “People with existing access” is selected, none of these are available.)

  • Can edit, review, or view.  Can't download – If one of these is checked, then the specified audience can have the specified rightts.
  • Expires […] – When the “Anyone” audience is selected, this field sets the date when this audience will no longer be able to access the file. This date must be within 30 days of the day that access is granted.
  • Set Password – This field can be used to add an extra layer of security that is not generally necessary for Canvas courses. Forgotten passwords may cause you to lose access to your file.


For alternate descriptions of these setting options, see Share OneDrive files and folders

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OneDrive File Sharing Options