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How to Secondary Calendar in Outlook Exchange

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In addition to your default Microsoft Office Outlook Calendar, you can create and share secondary Outlook calendars.

In addition to creating a second calendar you may also want to share this second calendar with other people.
The topic of creating and sharing a second calendar with other people is covered here. 

There are two basic steps in the process:

1. Create a new calendar.

2. Share the calendar with others.


1. Open Outlook. Select Calendar

2. From the Folder tab click New Calendar.

3. In the Folder window, click New Calendar.

Enter the name of the new calendar. In this example the new calendar is named Vacation Schedule. Now Click OK.

Red arrows to Folder, New Calendar, Name, and OK

5. Once the new calendar is created it will appear in the Navigation Pane in the Calendar view.

Shared Calendars


1. Before sharing the calendar, add one item to it (sharing will not be available on a calendar that does not have at least one entry).

2. Click on Share Calendar and select the name of the calendar you want to share.

 Red arrows to Share Calendar and the name of the calendar you want to share

3. The properties for the calendar will open. Under Permissions, click Add.

Red arrow to Add

4. Put in a name in the search box, click on the correct name, then click the OK button.

Red arrows to Search Box, selected Name, and OK

5. Select the permission level you want, and then click OK.

Red box around Permissions and red arrow to OK

6. When the recipients receive the email notifying them that have access to this calendar they will click Accept button at the top of the email.

Red arrow to Accept


7. The calendar will now appear in the Navigation Pane in the  Outlook Calendar of the Clemson user with whom you shared the calendar.


If you have more questions, email or call 864-656-3494.

How to Secondary Calendar in Outlook Exchange