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How to set up Outlook Exchange on an Android device

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If you would like to see your Clemson email in the Microsoft Outlook app on an Android device, follow these steps.

Go to your device's Play or Apps store and install Outlook if it is not already installed. Then open the Outlook App. The screens will look like this the first time you use the app.

If you have issues, you may need to remove your Microsoft Exchange account before re-trying. Here is an article on that:


1. Click on Add Account.


2. Put in your Clemson for the email address and then click on Continue.

Red box around email address and red arrow to Continue

3.  If you are asked about Work or School or Personal account, click on Work or School Account

Red arrow to Work or school account

4. Put your Clemson in the first box, your Clemson password in the second box. Click on Sign in.

Red arrow to Sign in

5. If it asks if you would like to add another account, click on Maybe Later.

Red arrow to Maybe Later

6. Now the Outlook App will open with your Clemson email.


Here is a Microsoft article covering this topic: 

If you have more questions, email or call 864-656-3494.

How to set up Outlook Exchange on an Android device