How to have Canvas adjust dates when importing course content

Adjust the dates in a Canvas course import

  1. Log in to Canvas and navigate to the new course.
  2. Click on Settings in the course menu.
  3. Click on Import Course Content.
  4. For Content Type select Copy a Canvas Course.
  5. For Search for a course enter the first part of the course ID, ex. S1905-WFB (this ensures that Canvas narrows down the search until you see your courses) then select the course that contains the course material.
  6. Check the box to Include completed courses.
  7. Select either All Content to import all content or Select specific content to specify content items to import.
  8. If desired, select Adjust events and due dates.

    1. If you want to shift dates in the course, select the Shift dates radio button.

In the Beginning date field, enter the starting date of the course you are importing or click the Calendar icon to select a date.
In the Change to field, enter the new date when you want the course to begin, or click the Calendar icon.
In the Ending Date field, enter the end date of the course you are importing, or click the Calendar icon to select a date.
In the Change to field, enter the new date when you want the course to end.

    b. To define day substitutions to adjust for changing class schedules, click the Substitution button.

In the Move from field, select the day of the week.
In the To field, select the new day of the week for the substitution.
To remove a substitution, click the Remove icon.

    c.  If you want to remove all associated due dates in the course, select the Remove dates radio button.

9.  Click the Import button.


Adjusting dates:  Canvas will take the new start and end dates for the course and distribute all assignments with due dates as evenly as possible across the course dates.

If the imported course and the new course vary in course length, assignments will be assigned proportionally.

Once the course is imported, you can easily confirm and adjust any assignment dates using the Calendar.

Substitution dates:  You can create as many substitution dates as necessary.

Canvas will take the date substitutions and adjust assignments with due dates appropriately across the course dates.

Remove dates:  Dates will be removed from the following features:

Assignments (due, availability, and peer-review dates)

Announcements (delayed post dates)

Quizzes (due, availability, and show correct answers dates)

Calendar events (start and end dates)

Modules (unlock dates)

Files (availability dates)


If you have more questions, email or call 864-656-3494.

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