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Transcription on Zoom

Estimated Reading Time: 1 Minutes


1. Install Zoom.  Be sure to click on SSO on sign in screen and use Clemson as your domain, as your user name.

Here is some information about Clemson Zoom:

Here is an article on getting started with Zoom at Clemson:  

2. Open Zoom app.

3. Click on New Meeting.

New Meeting

4. Click on Join with Computer Audio.

Join with computer audio

5. When the new meeting opens, click on More, Live Transcription. Click on Enable Auto-Transcription.

Red arrows to More, Live Transcript

Red arrow to Enable Auto-Transcription

6. Click on More, Record on this computer.

Red arrows to More, Record on this computer

7. Complete meeting speaking as close as possible to microphone (if quality is poor, consider a USB microphone or headset).

8. When finished, click on Stop recording (square at top of screen).

Red arrow to Stop Recording button

9. Click on End meeting for all

10. The folder where the files were saved should open and you will see a file named closed_caption.txt which will contain the transcription.

Screenshot of Zoom folder with red box around closed_caption.txt


If you have more questions, email or call 864-656-3494.

Transcription on Zoom