New Student Onboarding, FAQ & Next Steps


To access your account and begin the registration process for Clemson, you must first do what is known as "onboarding" where we finish initializing your account in our system.

To do this, you will need your XID number, as well as your Activation code (Both of which you should have received with your acceptance packet)

Note: If you do not know your XID number or Activation Code, please refer to the section below in the FAQ.

  1. To begin the onboarding process, go to 

This web page works best on Google Chrome, so if you receive any errors when trying to access this page and you are using a different browser, please try again with Google Chrome.

2. Enter your XID number in the format shown above, and the press "Continue"

3. Enter your Activation Code

4. You will then be given your username, which will remain the same for the duration of your time at Clemson, so please take special note of this.

You will also be prompted to create your Clemson password. Best practices for passwords can be found here.

5. Once you have created your Clemson password, the onboarding process is complete, which will allow you to sign in to iRoar to pay your deposit, and complete the next steps as a new student.



As a new student, you should have received your XID number in your Admissions Acceptance packet. If you have lost your packet, you may call the Registrar's Office at 864-656-2171 to find your XID and the Undergraduate Admissions Office at 864-656-2287 to receive a new packet

If you are not sure of your activation code, please contact the CCIT support center by calling us at (864)656-3494 and if you have your XID, we can look up your corresponding activation code for you.

You can use our new Account Recovery Utility. The Support Center will only reset passwords for the account owner. Parents, relatives, associates, etc. can NOT request a password reset. If you cannot remember your password, please bring a picture ID with you to the CCIT Support Center. If you are away from campus, please call us at 864-656-3494.

You can find more information about your next steps by using this guide.

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