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HOW TO: Submitting a Plot (Poster)

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Before You Design Your Plot

The first step in plotting is to set up the application page size. This is generally accomplished by selecting Page Setup from your application’s File menu. In the page setup, alter the default page size (which is usually 8.5" x 11") to the size you want your poster to be. Click OK when finished. With the application page size set, you can now design your poster.

When You’re Ready to Print

If you are ready to print your poster, choose Print from the File  menu. Choose CCIT plotter. After choosing the plotter, click the Properties button.

The next step is to set the custom paper size for your plot in the print driver. In Windows, you’ll change paper size by going to  Paper/Quality Document size . Click the  Custom...  button. In the new window that opens, enter the size of your plot and give your new custom paper size a name.  Note You may have to rotate the desired height and width of your plot if the dimensions don’t fit within the range allowed by the application. Click OK  to save all your changes when finished.

The preview of your job should now show the correct dimensions. If you are satisfied with how your plot is setup, proceed to print your file.

HOW TO: Submitting a Plot (Poster)