PaperCut Printer Setup for iOS devices (iPhone & iPad)


Open the Safari web browser and go to  Tap on the Share icon.

Safari icon         

Scroll down and select Print


Tap on Select Printer.

 Printer, Select Printer


For students, select studentprinting. For employees, select employeeprinting

Choice of employeeprinting or studentprinting       

Enter your Clemson username and password. Tap OK.

 PaperCut user name and password

The printer should show as selected.

printer to be used shows

Your device should remember the printer settings for printing in other apps. Accessing the printer in other apps will be in various locations. Look for one of the following icons in each app to access the printer.

share icon      Arrow for print choice on some apps     three horizontal dots for choices     AirPrint

If you have entered the Clemson username/password incorrectly or have recently changed your password, you will need to reset the saved password on the device. Tap on the blue i next to the printer name.

small i next to printer   

Select Forget Username and Password.

 Forget Username and Password

Go to a PaperCut printer and swipe your TigerOne card to release the print.


To see your print job queue, go to and log in.

To learn more about how to release jobs at a PaperCut Printer, click here.

To see the PaperCut Printing Overview article, click here.

The printer should now be installed properly. If you experience any issues, please contact CCIT Support Center at 864-656-3494, or

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