HOW TO: Plotting on Non-Standard Paper

Printing & Plotting can accomodate requests to print on non-standard paper to a limited degree. The user must supply his or her own paper - we will not provide any paper other than the Heavy Weight Coated paper the plotters currently utilize. Non-standard paper can be expensive (over $200 per roll in some cases) and users should keep this in mind when considering printing on non-standard paper. Additionally, the user should consult a Printing & Plotting employee before purchasing any materials - the plotters can only take certain types of paper and it is best to be sure that we can handle your request before making any purchases. You can reach Printing & Plotting during regular business hours by calling (864) 656-4766 or any other time by emailing

Because Printing & Plotting can print over 100 plots per day, it is very important that the user understand that their plots, when printing on non-standard paper, do not become a priority over other students' or faculty's plots. Printing on non-standard paper is time-consuming and labor intensive, and will only be done during slow periods. With this in mind, if you should need plots printed on non-standard paper, you should have your plots, paper, and any other materials ready no less than 2 weeks before your project's due date.

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