HOW TO: Empty Paw Prints Quotas at the Beginning of the Semester

Quotas reset a few days before the first day of class each semester during Fall, Spring, and 1st Summer. The first print job you submit after this, your quotas will refill. The amount of these quotas will depend on your role or roles at the University.

  • Undergraduate and Graduate students will get a $25.50 quota
  • Employees will get a $5.00 quota
  • Affiliates (visiting faculty, vendors, etc.) will get a $1.00 quota

If you have multiple roles (e.g. a student who works on campus), you may have multiple quotas. If you do not have multiple quotas, but believe that you should, please contact CCIT at If you are a freshmen or transfer student and if after submitting your first job, you don't see any of these quotas, make sure you have completed the student onboarding process at: If you have already completed onboarding and are still not seeing your quota(s), please contact for help.

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