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Laptop Recommendations

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Each year CCIT develops a list of recommended laptops for incoming students based on current technology standards and the input of various colleges and departments. 

You can find detailed specifications on the recommended models here.

While we are equipped to help you with any software issues on the make/model of laptop you may have, there are several benefits to buying a recommended laptop:

  1. Our support model is designed to provide quality service to those who purchase a recommended model.

  2. CCIT has negotiated special pricing for the recommended laptops.

  3. Clemson software can be installed using the Company Portal for Windows laptops or the Company Portal for Mac laptops. For a listing of additional available software, check our web site. If at any time your Windows or Mac operating system needs to be reinstalled, it can be done at the CCIT Support Center.

  4. All recommended Windows laptops include a four year warranty + four year accidental damage coverage. Note: the warranty only covers the battery for 1 year, and the accidental damage coverage DOES NOT cover damage to the charger nor does it cover theft, fire, or loss.

  5. The recommended Apple laptops purchased on-campus include one year of Apple Limited Warranty, which does not include accidental damage coverage. It is also highly recommended that you purchase either AppleCare Protection Plan Insurance or Safeware Insurance. Additional years of AppleCare Protection Plan can be purchased only if you purchase the yearly plan. A 3-year plan of AppleCare Protection Plan is also available, but cannot be extended. Safeware Insurance covers your Apple device for 4 years only, which covers repairs up to the purchase price of the device.

  6. On-campus hardware repair service is provided for your recommended laptop. Our technicians are more familiar with the recommended laptops and we have priority access to replacement parts. If your recommended Windows or Apple laptop requires extensive hardware service, you may use one of the loaner laptops (depending upon availability) for your academic needs. Loaners are only available for in-warranty repairs.

  7. If you have a laptop like many of your fellow students, it’s easy to share parts such as power supplies.

Note: Chromebooks, Netbooks, and iPads and other light-use portable computing devices are not a viable option as your primary laptop. Support for these devices is extremely limited and consists only of setting up the wireless configuration and installing anti-virus software as required.


Visit the laptop setup page to find online resources to guide you through setting up your laptop.

Laptop Recommendations