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HOW TO: Access the Software Repository From Your Mac

Estimated Reading Time: 2 Minutes

To access the Software Repository from a Mac, please follow the steps below:

The Software Repository is a drive where ALL of the software that Clemson has available is stored.  Although some software can be downloaded by any Clemson user, many packages are designated for a specific college or group use. 

NOTE: Go to the following link for a full list of available software:

  1. Accessing the software repository while off campus requires that you have the VPN client installed and configured. You can install it from cuvpn.clemson.eduIf you are off campus connect to the Clemson VPN server now.
  2. Click on the Finder Icon in your dock.
  3. From the Menu bar at the very top of your screen, click Go.
  4. Choose Connect to Server from the drop-down menu (Command+K)
  5. Highlight the address bar and enter in smb://
  6. And then click Connect.
  7. Select Registered User and enter your Clemson username and password
  8. Again click Connect to connect to the software repository. 
  9. If you see a window with several folders, then you have successfully connected to the software repository.
  10. Once you are in the Repository, scroll down until you find the software that you would like to install. 
    NOTE: Most applications that you will install will be divided into subfolders sorted by operating systems. For instance, scroll down until you see the Microsoft Office folder. Double-click the folder and you will see a subfolder for each operating system.
  11. Notice the folder entitled Documentation. Certain programs will have important installation keys and notes in this folder, thus it is good practice to read the files in this folder before starting an installation. 
  12. For example, double click on the Microsoft Site-Licensed folder and then select Mac to find each version available
HOW TO: Access the Software Repository From Your Mac