Canvas: Storage quota and deleting files

Courses have 1.5 GB storage quota.
Individuals have 50 MB storage quota.


  • Submission Type:
    • File Upload Inserted: Not counted against quota since file is stored externally.
    • Image files inserted into a text submission (Rich Content Editor) must be uploaded to Canvas first and are counted against quota. After submission, user should delete file and recover space.


  • Submission Type:
    • Attached: Selected file is uploaded into Canvas account and attached to Discussion. File is counted against quota.  User should delete file and recover space after submission.
    • Inserted: If file is not in individual's Canvas account the selected file will be uploaded and inserted into the Rich Content Editor and is counted against quota. User should delete file and recover space after submission.


1. Log in to Canvas.  
2. Click on Account.
3.  Select Files. (Note: Files that have been submitted as part of an assignment cannot be deleted.)
4.  Locate file to delete.
5.  Click on 3 vertical dots.
6.  Select Delete.
7.  Select OK in confirmation popup.
NOTE: Do not store any large videos or PowerPoint files in Canvas.
           Videos are stored in Ensemble and linked to the course.
           PowerPoints are stored in Cloud storage and linked to the course.
If you have more questions, email or call 864-656-3494.

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