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What is Qualtrics?

Qualtrics is a Web-based survey and data collection tool that is available to all Clemson University students, faculty, and staff.

What can I use Qualtrics for?

Qualtrics is for academic and non-commercial research purposes only. You may not use Clemson University licensed Qualtrics for any non-academic or commercial endeavor. Currently, Qualtrics Research Core is available at Clemson.

Who is eligible to get Qualtrics?

Qualtrics is available to all current Clemson University students, faculty, and staff. However, your access to Qualtrics ends when you're no longer affiliated with Clemson University.

May I use Qualtrics to survey Clemson University students?

If you wish to create a survey instrument to collect information from Clemson University students you must follow the student survey policy outlined at:


How can I get Qualtrics?

Clemson University Faculty, Staff and Students can acquire a Qualtrics licenses by navigating to and logging in with their Clemson Username and Clemson Password.  

Note: Qualtrics will use Single Sign-On through the Orange and Grey Sign On Screen.  Depending on your status Qualtrics may require DUO/2FA authentication.

How can I access Qualtrics?

To access Qualtrics, just go to the Qualtrics login page or

Qualtrics and research with human subjects

The Clemson University Institutional Review Board (Clemson IRB) requires that with few exceptions, investigators use Qualtrics for all web-based surveys. Maintaining the security of research subjects' data is of paramount importance to the Clemson University IRB, and the CCIT Security Office has determined that the Qualtrics System meets University Data Security standards. The use of other web-based survey programs may be approved by the Clemson University IRB, but only after additional institutional review has been completed.

Collaboration with colleagues

Sharing is a feature in Qualtrics that allows you to give others access to your surveys and data. This will be especially useful for collaborating with colleagues outside of Clemson University who do not have Qualtrics accounts. Please see the Qualtrics Insight Support page for a complete guide to using this feature.

Accessing Qualtrics if you already have a Qualtrics account

If you already have a Qualtrics account, you will need to complete a few brief steps the first time you log in to map your existing account to your University account. An automated wizard will walk you through these steps.

Additional Help and Support

The following links can help you get started using the Qualtrics Survey System:

Creating a project
Changing the look and feel
Applying skip logic
Applying display logic
Distributing a survey
Contacts and mailing lists
Sharing a survey
Survey results and reporting

Additional help creating your survey and utilizing the many features of Qualtrics is available from several sources:

If you need assistance logging in or help with your Qualtrics divisions/groups, please contact your Clemson Brand Administrator or the CCIT Help Desk at 864-656-3494. You may also send an email to .