Canvas Communication and Scheduling

Communication and Scheduling

Announcements allow you to easily communicate with your students. Navigate to Announcements in the course menu, and then click on +Announcement to create and post an announcement. Students will be notified about the announcement based on their individual Notification Preferences. This link describes how Announcements work in Canvas: .

To send messages to students in Canvas, you can use Canvas’s Conversations tool. You can use Conversations to send messages to your entire class or to a specific individuals. To access the Conversations tool, click on Inbox in the Global Navigation menu (the purple menu on the far left-hand side). For more information on using Conversations to send messages, visit .

Yes. Canvas’s Scheduler tool allows you to create appointment groups within a course or group. Students can then sign up for a time slot. You can elect to allow individuals or groups to sign up for appointments. For more details on how to use Scheduler to set up meeting times, visit .

If you are not receiving e-mails from Canvas to your Clemson e-mail, you will need to review your user notification settings. Please review the "Ways to Contact" and look for communication warnings. Also, be sure to review your notification settings so that you ensure conversations are set to your preferred time frame.For more information, please refer to our Messaging Page .

There are a few main reasons that students will not receive an email sent from the instructor. Visit the Messaging in Canvas page  for more details.

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