CECAS Tech Support


This department is included in the Distributed Support model. Note: Lead consultants names are underlined.

PC Desktop Support and Administration – Clemson campus

Email: PC-ADMINS@ces.clemson.edu

Gretchen Craig (ghcraig@clemson.edu)
(864) 656-0475

Jonathan Styles (mutant@clemson.edu)
(864) 656-0478

Chris Nixon (cbnixo@clemson.edu)
(864) 656-3746

UNIX Administration – Clemson campus

Email: coes-unixadm@clemson.edu

Trae King (LKING2@clemson.edu)
(864) 656-5213

Anthony Work (WORK@clemson.edu)
(864) 656-4474

School of Computing

Chuck Cook (CCOOK4@clemson.edu)
(864) 656-5854

Nathaniel Colvin (nlcolvi@clemson.edu)
(864) 656-5699

Sasha Kuksenok (kukseno@clemson.edu)
(864) 656-5139

School of Materials Science and Engineering – Clemson campus

David White (WDAVID@clemson.edu)
(864) 508-1492

ICAR (AuE, Partnership Office, CET Lab) – Greenville campus

Chris Myers (cmyers8@clemson.edu)

Von Shefton (vshefto@clemson.edu)

Patewood (Greenville Health System – Bioengineering) – Greenville campus

Chris Myers (cmyers8@clemson.edu)

Von Shefton (vshefto@clemson.edu)

Zucker – CURI (Charleston, SC)

Wes Holliday (rhollad@clemson.edu)

Dept. NoDept. NameLocation
971 Materials Science&Engineering  
974 School of Computing  


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