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Microsoft 365 Duo

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1. Why is Microsoft 365 going to 2FA authentication using Duo?

  • A key application in the Microsoft 365 suite is Outlook. If your credentials are compromised the use of 2FA authentication can prevent unauthorized use of your credentials.

2. I am on campus and did not get a 2FA authentication request, why?

  • 2FA authentications for Microsoft 365 from within a Clemson University location have been turned off.

3. When I am at home will I need use 2FA authentication?

  • There are different answers to this question depending on device and frequency of use and whether or not a VPN connection is established before using a Microsoft 365 application.

o  If you use the online applications only, you will be required to use 2FA authentication unless a VPN connection is established first.
o  If you use a home desktop computer to access applications, you will be prompted the first time. There is an automatic “remember me” token set that is good for 14 days. If the token is not refreshed during that time period, 2FA will be required again.
o  If you have logged in from a Clemson University location with your device within the 14 days, 2FA will not be required.

4. I use my desktop at home a few times a week and I am still being asked to use 2FA authentication, why?

  • If the “remember me” token is not refreshed within 8 hours, 2FA may be required again.

5. I got a pop-up when I launched Outlook that displayed something about “autodiscover”, what should I do now?

  • Some devices may detect the change on the back end when the Microsoft 365 applications are placed behind Duo. Clicking OK to accept this change will update the local client and you should not need to do this again.

6. How will this affect me if I am traveling?

  • Travel by plane – You will need to have the Duo application installed on your smart phone prior to your flight. When Duo is offline (your phone is in airplane mode) you can access the application and generate a 1 time use code. (testing prior to travel is recommended)
  • Travel to foreign country – Travelers to foreign countries should always make a VPN connection prior to accessing or transmitting anything across the internet. While a VPN connection is established 2FA authentications will no longer be required.


If you have more questions, email or call 864-656-3494.

Microsoft 365 Duo