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Work for CCIT

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The CCIT Support Center serves as the primary point of contact for information technology issues at Clemson University. We are always looking for tech-savvy students with strong customer service skills who want to earn invaluable work experience while still in school. There are three positions comprised of student-only staff:

Student Support Center Consultant

The Support Center consultant is characterized by strong customer service skills. A consultant also possesses the ability to communicate in person, over the phone, through email, and through chat with Clemson community members of all technical skill levels. Technical knowledge, including familiarity with macOS and Windows along with Clemson University systems, is necessary to be a successful student consultant. The Support Center is a team, and as such requires the ability to work in a team environment. Following procedure is important for effectiveness. Reliability is a must for any Support Center student employee, and he or she must also be in good academic standing.


  • Troubleshoot technical issues for walk-in customers
  • Provide support to customers over the phone or chat across a wide range of technical issues
  • Make quick decisions for the best course of action regarding each issue
  • Follow procedures to maximize efficiency between the Help Desk and other areas of CCIT
  • Hardware repair and software installation are not handled at Help Desk


Preference is given to applicants with more than one academic year remaining. In addition to macOS and Windows, familiarity with iOS and Android is also a plus.

Laptop Support Technician

Laptop Support technicians perform a varied set of tasks.  Primarily, we support the recommended software on campus, which includes installing the software on our customer’s laptops.  The software technicians also run virus and malware checks.  Before we work on a customer’s computer, we insist that all their data be backed-up; therefore, we also assist customers with backing up their data if required.  If the computer is found to have hardware issues, the software technicians also run diagnostics on the recommended computers.   Typically the only hardware work in this job would be to exchange hard drives.   In this position, the software technician works closely with the customer, so we require our employees to have excellent customer service skills.   During the summer, this position is also required to assist in the laptop workshops.

Printing, Plotting, and Lab Support Agent

The Printing Plotting and Lab Support team provides Clemson University with a wide variety of support and services.  We primarily deal with student and public printing/computer labs on campus. We provide plotting assistance to faculty, staff, and students as well. Technical background is not required for positions at Printing and Plotting; however, basic computer skills with PowerPoint, Publisher, Adobe Suite programs, and Photo Viewer are recommended. Customer service skills are highly regarded for positions at Printing and Plotting.

Job Functions/Duties:

  • Maintain printers and supplies in CCIT public labs
  • Troubleshoot common computer issues in CCIT public/GIS/TLS labs
  • Provide support for customers over the phone or in-person regarding plotting posters
  • Diagnose common printer errors and attempt repairs or create an appropriate ticket
  • Respond to tickets regarding issues related to public printers and computers


Classroom AV Intern

Classroom AV services is a team on the main campus of Clemson that installs, maintains, and upgrades classrooms, labs, auditoriums, and conference rooms.

Job duties include:

  • Utilizing CCIT’s ticket system to monitored and dispatch issues appropriately.
  • Utilizing proprietary monitoring tools with the intent of fixing problems before they are reported.
  • Climbing ladders, installing cables in pathways and above the ceiling, replacing projector lamps, terminating various types of AV cables (such as speaker, RS-232, and phoenix) and room testing.
  • Although rare, this position will require light lifting (up to 50 lbs) and some team lifting.

Fulltime techs are encouraged to take interns with them on simple and complicated tickets and installs with the hope that the intern will gain the knowledge to address and resolve tickets and able to install rooms as part of the team.
Preference is given to applicants with more than one academic year remaining.

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For more information email or call 864-656-3494.


Work for CCIT